A Sigh in the Wind

August 16, 2008 at 2:38 pm | Posted in Poetry | 7 Comments

A Sigh in the Wind

My voice is no more than a sigh in the wind,
A falling leaf,
One among many,
A raindrop that doesn’t touch the ground,
A tiny bird lost in a storm.

So what does it mean if I am not heard,
Not noticed,
Not recognized?

It means simply
That I walk a different path,
That I shun the mob,
The crowd,
The social scene.

And does it really matter
If I find not the fame I seek
So long as I keep seeking?
For when there is nothing more to seek,
There will be nothing
Except the deep, dark void of inner space.

Vi Jones
©Jan 7,2013



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  1. what a beautiful poem and I totally agree about walking a different path

  2. Dear Vi: We all need to keep on seeking even in the dark of winter and the sometime pain of being old–thank you for this. Fran

  3. Thank you ladies, for your all too kind comments.


  4. Dear Vi
    How beautiful. I have been seeking things and thought they would make me happy, now I think that it is in the search that we need to find our meaning.

  5. PS Why do you call yourself a Soulfood Elder?

  6. The main reason is, fairyrainbow, that it’s a Soul Food Honor. I’m not the only one. Another reason is that I’m older than dirt. The latter has its advantages because I can say what I want and be who I want and get away with it. That is the reward of old age. 🙂


  7. Awesome – really fantastic issue. I am going to blog about it also!!

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