The Pond

July 26, 2009 at 4:24 pm | Posted in Poetry | 1 Comment

The Pond

Like Ghosts in the water

they come and they go,

to and fro,

in light and in shade.

They’re there for the looking,

but take your finger and

ripple the surface,

watch them scatter and dive

into the murky depths

to hide where they think

it is safe.

Never knowing in their tiny brains

there are denizens waiting,


to swallow in one gulp,

lunch, dinner, and supper.

Then those that were there

truly are

ghosts in the water.

Would that we humans

had such tiny brains

that we too,

could live

in the moment

 not concerning ourselves

with an uncertain future.

But the thought of that too,

is scary.

Vi Jones

©Feb 1, 2010


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