How Many of Us

October 23, 2009 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Poetry | 11 Comments

How many of us
When we reach the end
Have regrets,
Dreams lost in the shuffle,
Words never spoken,
Hugs never shared
With someone in pain?

How many of us
When we reach the end
Will never have pondered
The light of the moon,
The song of the wind,
Or the stories found
In a grain of sand?

How many of us
When we reach the end
Will die lonely and lost
Without friends to return
The hugs we never gave,
The smiles we never shared,
The love we never knew?

Are you one
Of the many
To whom life was a drag,
A gift thrown away,
Where nothing of beauty
Entered your heart…
Or your soul?

Are you one of the many?

Vi Jones
©Oct 20, 2009



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  1. Vi, these are words to LIVE by! Thank you for making me think about this. And I look forward to many more wise words from you.



  2. beautiful and such wise words – thank you

  3. Beautifully written and beautiful sentiments. Words to live by.

  4. I vote for this being part of Hestia’s Hearth!!

    Beautiful Vi! These are words to carry in one’s heart, to remind us to give away smiles, share a kind word, and read people’s name tags.


  5. I think it would be integral to Hestia’s hearth – and yes, Vi, these are the thoughts you have as you get older. Now I don’t want to let any chance to make life beautiful to slip by.

  6. Vital to think upon and act upon, yes put it into Hestia’s hearth.

  7. So beautiful and yes I think very appropriate for the Hearth!

  8. Oh, Vi. Thanks for reminding me of things that might be, things that would’ve been and things we could still do something about.

    Love and light to you,

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments. It appears you all think it’s Hearth material so I’ll try and post it over there. Not sure I can get it to accept but I will try.


  10. Beautiful poetry and heart-felt wisdom, as always, Vi, bless you.

  11. Perhaps I could add a short post script:
    How many of us never took the time to stop and smell the roses for we were too busy being busy

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